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Meet Jenna

 My name is Jenna owner and Esthetician at Fab. Beauty. I am truly passionate about skin health, knowledge, and well being. I created Fab. with 4 Goals in mind for Every Client:

1. I appreciate your time and trust, with that I will work to get the best results, with the best products and tools in the time we have.  

2. RELAX.  Stress is no Joke and a major contributor to many skin conditions. I want you to climb in a big comfy bed, close your eyes, breathe in the aromatherapy and let your mind unwind.  Relaxation and Meditation are key components to self care, I hope to create that space for you.

3. We all want beautiful skin and my job is help you achieve your goals. It's hard to fix something when you don't know what is causing it in the first place. When we know better, we do better. I specialize skincare and given 1000's of facials and treatments. I work with skin everyday!!  I have lots of tips, suggestions and product recommendations to get your skin in tip top shape.

4. I want you to Feel Fabulous  every time I see you. I want the hour we spend together to be the highlight of your week. To walk out feeling confidant in your skin.

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