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Fully Customised Experience

State of the Art Products & Technology

Result Driven & Effective

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Create your perfect Facial

Our treatments are customised for your skin and wellbeing.
All facials include Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Extractions, Oxegenating High Frequency, Lymphatic Facial Massage, Our Cock-tailed serums and masks (guaranteed glow) along with relaxing shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

Select your time and which offerings speak to you
We would love to curate a facial experience based off skin needs.

The Modern Facial 60     $100

The Modern Facial 90     $135

1-2 Offerings
Includes Exfoliating Booster  (As  needed)

The Goddess  


 2-3 Offerings 120 min.

Includes Exfoliating Booster, Herbal Steam

All the Best of Fab. Beauty.  



A must for anyone looking for optimal Age Management Microcurrent is a safe and effective non-invasive technology that utilizes a low level of electricity to stimulate the skin and facial muscles. Microcurrent facials result in skin that is firm, contoured, and hydrated. Enjoyed as a one time facial, or in a series for improved comprehensive results.

Nano- Infusion

Rezenerate Nano Infusion diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, plumps and hydrates, targets pigmentation and scaring. This treatment provides clinical results without the downtime associated with similar services.  Includes Lip & Eye Area treatment.

Hydro Microderm

Gentle vacuum exfoliates, removes impurities and brings clarity to your skin while the super serums and targeted boosters help to resurface and hydrate. Ideal for sluggish, dull and congested skin. Pair with Microcurrent for amazing results.

Vitamin C Brightening Treatment

powered by HydroPeptide

Achieve luminous, even skin tone with this Fab favorite. Includes brightening Honey Enzyme and Patented Vitamin C Mask all designed to reduce visible signs of sun damage, elemental exposure and hormonal influences. #SeriousGlow

LED Light Therapy

Our professional 2 Panel LED LIght stimulates collagen, increases circulation, product penetration and gives you a warm glow. Our Blue light kills acne causing bacteria and heals skin. Safe for all skin types.

Facial Workout

Feel the love with this high intensity massage.

Works by releasing tension in the muscles of the face, smoothing out the fascia, and circulating blood and lymph through the tissues. Combines sculpting massage, Gua Sha, cold globes and/or cupping. Whole plant actives melt into the deeper layers of the skin. Great for anyone suffering from jaw tension and those who love facial massage.


Looking to take your Skincare to The Next Level?

Try the one of kind DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments. Click Below for more information.

Scalp Treatment

 This fortifying treatment includes scalp massage, High Frequency to stimulate growth Leave in Cooling Enzyme Scalp Treatment infused with invigorating skincare ingredients that gently exfoliate a dry scalp, remove buildup and help restore softness and shine to dry, damaged hair.

+20 min.

Bright Eyes

Increase micro-circulation while combating dark circles and puffiness. Massage releases fine line tension, Eye mask and Tea Soak gives extra TLC to this sensitive area. 


BROW + Lash

Minimize your makeup routine with a brow and lash tint. Defines your features and makes your eyes pop. Lash or Brow $20 each.

Last approx. 4 weeks.

+ 25 min.

Ready to Book a Facial?

It's time to put you and your skin at the top of your priority list & elevate your wellbeing.

What to

Be Present

Take a few moments before your appointment to focus on your breath. A few deep inhales and exhales can go a long way towards relaxation and wellbeing.

Arrive Early

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time. Give yourself time to check-in and use the restroom if needed. Please respect our time by limiting your entrance to 5 minutes.

Please don't 
Stand US Up!

We plan our day for your appointment. All reservations must be canceled 24 hours in advanced to avoid a fee. if you are unable to make your appointment please call directly at 541-390-0495.

Fill out Intake Form

You will receive a link via text message 24-48 hours prior to your appointment containing our intake form. This is your opportunity to tell us everything about you and your skin.  Let us know any allergies, concerns and what your skincare goals are. We want to know it all.

Take your wellbeing and skin to the next level and become a member.

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